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Life is a choose-your-own-adventure game. What kind of adventure are you building?


I’m Carly, a semi-pro ski racer with a semi nomadic lifestyle. You’ll find me at the intersection of travel and training. Curious to see how that works? I’ll tell you now, it’s unconventional. Ready to custom-make your own lifestyle?

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I’m Carly, an independent-minded, adventure-seeking, travel-happy semi-professional ski racer and digital nomad. Through a continuous process of self-development, I am designing a lifestyle that allows me to

excel as an elite athlete

be location-independent

climb more mountains!

I also enjoy sharing the Big Questions that come up as I follow this winding path. If you are interested in travel, adventure, or endurance sports, or maybe you just  have some Big Questions of your own, you can find out more about my life here. You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram.


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Do you like the same things I like? Are you driven by a passion for adventure, the love of endurance sports, or a need to live beyond the standard 9-5 life?

Summit of South Sister, Oregon

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