12/5/16 Sample One-Week Plan

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As we enjoy the Holiday season, one thing at the front of all our minds is, how do I get my workouts in!? The answer: A Schedule.

Now, a schedule is my favorite solution for most things, planner that I am. What if you’re not really the plan-ahead type?

Not to worry, I’ve got you covered. Below you will find a sample of the type of plan you can expect from a Membership with Endurance Efficacy. Membership Plans give you three months worth of workouts for athletes at varying levels. Be sure to check out my Coaching Options page for more details.

In addition to what you see below, Plans offer an introductory explanation of various elements that are easy to implement and critical to upping your efficacy, such as recovery, nutrition (including how to fuel and refuel pre and post-workout,) and injury prevention. They also provide tips for tailoring workouts to several common endurance sports and photo instruction on relevant strength exercises.

*                          *                          *

Intermediate- Select this plan if you are a non-competitive athlete who can comfortably run 30 minutes or bike 45 minutes, and who exercises at least 4 times/week.

Baseline workout length

Running Cycling Nordic Skiing
Middle Distance Suggested times here
Recovery/Race Prep
Overdistance (OD)
L3 Intervals
L4 Intervals

Weekly Schedule Outline

Sunday- Overdistance (OD) primary sport

Monday- Off

Tues- a.m. Middle Distance primary sport, p.m. Strength Workout: Targeted body area

Wed- Recovery cross training

Thurs- a.m. L4 intervals primary sport, p.m. Strength Workout: Core

Fri- off or recovery workout cross training

Sat- a.m. Specific Strength (aerobic endurance strength),

Example of workout description

Thursday: Today’s first session is L4 intervals in your primary sport. Warm up for 15 minutes, and complete four 3-minute repetitions at your L4 pace, resting for 3 minutes in between each. Warm down for 15 minutes.

Tips: Fuel accordingly. A hard workout like this requires attention to detail in terms of what’s going in your stomach. Aim to eat at least 75 minutes before the start of the workout. Have a meal high in complex carbohydrates and fat, and low in simple carbs, to set yourself up for balanced, sustained energy throughout the workout. Drink small amounts of water throughout the workout, particularly in hot conditions. L4 intervals deplete glycogen stores, so within 20 minutes of completing the workout, consume a small amount of simple carbohydrate (sugar.)  It could be a banana, an energy bar, or if you have a sweet tooth now is the time for that chocolate chip cookie. Eat a complete meal high in complex carb and protein within 60 minutes.

*                          *                          *

In other news, I am heading out on an Endurance Adventure on Wednesday! I will be traveling for three weeks, and am looking forward to updating you as I go. I will have access to internet on this adventure, so please feel free to be in touch; I will respond within a few days.


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