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Welcome to Endurance Efficacy. I’m Carly, and I’m the independent-minded, outside-the-box mastermind here at Endurance Efficacy. I’m a Nordic skier, and crazy about endurance in general. I’m also a digital nomad and endurance coach for athletes like you! But you can read about all that on my About Me page, and my Coaching page.


Endurance Efficacy brings together my two passions: Endurance sports and travel. With a lot of creativity, I’ve fit the two together in a way that makes me truly happy, and allows me to excel. With that in mind, I believe YOU can do the same. Whether you are already an endurance junkie, or are hoping to make the leap from active to athlete,  your endurance sport can fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

On the Blog, you’ll get to see how I’m making it happen in my life, and hear all my latest thoughts on how you can make it happen in yours! Sometimes I write about personal adventures, sometimes about training physiology. You’ll get some of everything here.

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