10+ hours spent designing your next 3 months of training.

Nonstop assessment of your training plan’s efficacy.

Daily feedback on your workouts.

Answers to all of your questions.

What could you achieve if you had this kind of personalized attention?

Olympic caliber athletes get the highest degree of attention from a wide array of coaches, trainers, nutritionists, psychologists, and more. What if you could get Olympic-level support to get you to that 5k PR, prepare you for your week’s vacation hiking in the Alps, help you drop that weight, or finish a half marathon with your daughter?

Those kinds of goals deserve elite-level attention from your coach.

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Want to know what other athletes are saying?

“Your magic really works! And it has not been difficult or painful at all.

You are awesome Carly!” -Vivian, athlete


Endurance Athletes are unique. Independent.

Your training plan should match.

My training plans don’t lock athletes into certain workouts on certain days. Instead, EE athletes learn to schedule their own weeks, in order to

  • Choose a schedule that fits your life
  • Make last-minute changes
  • Skip and reschedule workouts guilt-free

As a virtual coach, my goals are to

  • Provide you guidance, accountability, and feedback
  • Encourage consistency
  • Monitor your training to find mistakes that may be costing you
  • Teach you the concepts behind your workouts
  • Give you flexibility! Your training is part of your lifestyle.

And of course, I believe in a high degree of individual attention. This means I spend over ten hours designing your first 12 week training plan, and multiple hours per week replying to your questions, giving detailed feedback on your training log, and updating your training plan in response to your adaptation to the training.

Want to know more about how I work with your specific age-group or fitness level? Check out:

Student Athletes (high school and collegiate)

Senior and Masters Athletes (most post-collegiate athletes)

Just Getting Started (beginners of all ages)

There’s something for everyone, including athletes who want to work with me face to face. For athletes interested in online coaching, there are three options, allowing for varying degrees of hands-on time between myself and my athletes.

Memberships are the basic package: You receive access to periodized training plans that you can adapt to any endurance sport.

A Personal Plan is a 12 week plan designed specifically for you, based on a free consultation.

Personal Coaching includes a free initial consult, fully customized plan, my continued feedback, and unlimited access to me (see details below.)

Consultation is available if you have specific questions but don’t need a full training plan.

All programs come with a 100% money-back guarantee. I believe that if you are doing the work, you should be improving and learning, bottom line.


Personal Plan

All athletes in this program receive a free initial consultation to help me determine your athletic goals, current physical fitness, and available training resources. You will then receive a fully customized training plan for a twelve week period.

Your plan comes with detailed information about how to get more out of the workouts you perform. This includes a day-by-day breakdown of each workout, including the basic physiology backing each workout so you understand why each workout is a step toward achieving your goal. Additionally, your plan includes information on intensity (interval) training, strength workouts, injury prevention, rest and recovery, nutrition, how to write a training log, and how to reschedule workouts. Photo and video instruction along with charts and checklists are also included.

Who should choose a personal plan? This option is ideal for athletes with a specific and challenging goal that requires personalized attention. It is also a good option for anyone making changes to, or just beginning, a training routine, as the period of transition is a critical one for avoiding injury and developing good training habits. This option is less expensive than Personal Coaching, while still providing individual attention.


Personal Coaching

All athletes in this program receive a free initial consultation to help me determine your athletic goals, current physical fitness, and available training resources. You will then receive a fully customized training plan for a twelve week period.

In addition to the consult and training plan, Personal Coaching also comes with instruction on filling out an online or offline training log, regular feedback from me on your training log, and email and video chat check-ins throughout the twelve weeks. Complete Personal Coaching will teach you why your workouts work, not simply how to follow a plan. This is the place to be if you’re ready to improve your physical training, recovery, goal-setting, strength training, and injury prevention, and get more out of the work you’re already putting in.

My specialties as an athlete and a coach are running and Nordic skiing, and I am excited to work with runners and skiers with fitness goals and/or competitive goals of any level. I provide coaching for all other endurance sports aimed at basic fitness or recreational competition goals only.

Each program runs for twelve weeks at a time, and includes:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Personalized training plan
  • Regular updates and changes to the plan if necessary
  • Online log and feedback
  • Email updates and tips
  • Video/phone chat monthly
  • Unlimited email access to me with 100% response rate for your questions
  • Free and unlimited consultation regarding special topics or goals

Because it is my goal to develop a close relationship with the athletes I work with, I can accept a limited number of athletes for personal coaching. If you are interested in Personal Coaching, please fill out this form and I will be in touch to continue for free initial consultation.

Who should choose Personal Coaching? This plan is for athletes who will benefit from a high degree of attention, support, and accountability. Many athletes train more effectively when they have a coach to report to at the end of the day. As your personal coach I can offer just that, giving you feedback on each workout and making adjustments to the plan as needed, in addition to being available for all of your training questions.


By buying a 3 month or annual membership, you gain access to sample training plans with suggestions for applying the plan to several popular endurance sports. You select your level: Beginner, Intermediate, Intermediate Race Preparation, or Advanced Race Prep.

In your Membership Plan you will find:

  • Daily workout outline including
    • Aerobic sessions (including intervals,) strength training, injury prevention, and agility
  • Full description and photo instruction where applicable.
  • Race prep plans that are tailored specifically for running or Nordic skiing.
  • A progressive build for sustainable fitness gains

You will receive regular email reminders to check your training Plan as well as tips for planning ahead in order to maximize your future workouts!

Additionally, each plan comes with a basic overview of some of the simple and easy but often overlooked ways you can improve your efficacy.

Note: Membership Plans are not fully customized and do not come with personal access to a coach. To acquire a more in-depth knowledge and take your training to the next level, check out Personal Coaching or Personal Plan, above.

You may add to your membership

  • Email updates and tips available to Program participants
  • Consult regarding specific goals
  • Upgrade to a Program

Please use this form to request a Membership or see a sample training Plan. You will answer a few questions and then I will be in touch with a sample of the Plan I recommend for you. You may then choose to purchase.

Who should choose Membership? This is the option for athletes on a budget, who nevertheless benefit from the guidance of daily workout descriptions. With an EE Membership, you will never wonder if you’re doing the right workout, or working out enough. You will know your plan has you on track to reach your general fitness goals.


In Addition to Coaching and Membership plans

I offer regular webinars in which I discuss tricky topics in depth. It is an excellent way to take your training one step farther. Some of these are offered free to the public, others require participation in one of my coaching programs, as the material builds upon my coaching techniques.

Consultation is also available if you have specific goals that need attention beyond that of my standard coaching programs. This specialized work may be done in conjunction with or independent of one of my programs.

My training and racing is currently taking me all over the country! If you are where I am, I’d love to work with you in the physical world. Click to find out Where I Am Now

And be sure to check out my Blog where you will find more free tips for improving your own Endurance Efficacy, and the latest stories of my own Endurance Adventures!

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